Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Mountain Lion Princes of Malibu

(Image source: US Dept. of Agriculture)

Via the Mountain Lion Foundation's weekly newsletter Cougar Clippings, I read this fascinating blog post ( about the mountain lions being tracked in the Santa Monica Mountains. (The Santa Monicas are the coastal mountain range along the Los Angeles Metro Area's northwestern edge).

Here's an excerpt:

"The technology used to track the lions is improving fast. Today, the collars send GPS signals to a satellite that are downloaded at park headquarters in Thousand Oaks. They get a handful of locations every 24 hours, one during the day and one every two hours at night, when they are most active.... The tracking of each cat tells a different story, although their lives are all intertwined. Here's a break down of each..."

The post then goes on to describe the almost soap opera-like interactions (!) of all twelve plus mountain lions being tracked. Read it in its entirety here.

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