Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The Art of Falconry Revisited

Back in November I posted about an outdoor encounter I had with an Orange County man who had a falcon on his arm. I said I was surprised to find out that the ancient hobby of falconry is still alive and well.

I've housed a lot of different types of animals. And--not that I could have convinced my wife, but--lately I toyed with the idea of keeping birds again (I had several Budgerigars when I was a kid). Thankfully, a few weeks ago we got the opportunity to pet-sit two of a co-worker's parrots. I'm happy to report that I came to my senses. Birds are way too much of a commitment: they're messy, and loud, they require lots of attention, and of course, their nature is to want to fly--which is difficult to accommodate.

If I felt that way about a couple of parrots, I can't imagine how difficult it would be to keep a bird of prey, like a falcon.

But... how fascinating they must be. I wonder. How cool would it be to have a falcon?

On Friday, May 16th, in Irvine, a man by the name of Tim Gallagher will be giving a public talk entitled "Falcon Fever: A Falconer in the 21st Century":

"Come hear Tim Gallagher illuminate the powerful, mysterious allure of falconry. In Falcon Fever, Gallagher examines the formative role falconry played in his life. The book is a compelling amalgam of memoir, history, and travelogue, in which Gallagher reveals the little-known subculture of falconry and explores its connection with his own story. Gallagher also offers a unique glimpse into contemporary falconry, examining the mutual obsession that drives individuals including Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and film writer Tony Hudson."

More info: http://www.seaandsageaudubon.org/Meetings/meetings.htm

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